Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Winter" - Cass


moodymum said...

Hey Cassie,
Meg Moody here, not sure if you remember me, I'm Lisa's sister in law. Just wanted to let you know I love this idea and have a couple of friends with slrs also. I would love to suggest this to them and set up our own blog, if you don't mind.

Brett, Cass, Charlotte & Lucas said...

Hi Meg,
Of course I remember you!!!
You are more than welcome to start your own blog, or you could join us. We take turns in picking a word every Sunday. And then we have the rest of the week to post a pic. Of course there is no real time limit, I have been late at least once!
Hope you are well.
Cass xoxo

moodymum said...
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moodymum said...

Thanks Cass for the offer to join your blog. Probably would have done that but we have about five people interested it the idea so I have set up our own.
Once it's up and running I'll let you know the address so you can check it out.
Also was wondering if I could get your email address.
I also have a personal blog that I would like to send you an invite to. since I have been checking out your adorable kids thought you might like to see mine.
my email is
Meg X